D'Agostino's BLUBBERLAND to open in Denver

Just received word that frequent Atlanta Poets Group collaborator David D'Agostino's exhibition BLUBBERLAND: Colorless Colorado will open next Friday, April 25 at the Edge Gallery in Denver. A collaboration with Mickie Boyd, David's exhibition features the contribution of many other artistic players as well, including the APG this time around. Ever since David moved to Colorado, we've enjoyed throwing in bits of text from time to time in support of his inter-medial, often site-specific extravanganzas.

From the event invite:  BLUBBERLAND is...

an "intermedia carnival composed of wood constructions, burnt panels , tar, oil, animal tails, claws, lard, bones, sewn forms, crystals, rubber, rocks, sand, salt, homemade candies, fermented fruits, and poetry shards.

"Blubberland displays the iridescent and opaque character of the Colorado landscape—an historic territory mythologized as the  ‘Colorful’ state, yet imminently devolving as an epicenter of climatic disaster pivoted by endemic pine beetle kill, massive forest fires, mountain traffic coagulation, and REI fashion schemed athleticism."
What?? Poetry shards...like maybe somebody took a hammer to Keats' urn? Who would do such a thing? My stars. Otherwise, since I know next to nothing about D'Ag's latest beyond what I just cut & pasted here, I'll shut up. Not much I can say beyond, "hells yeah, David!" But I plan on following up, so if recordings or pics from this event surface, I'll make sure to repost them here.

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