This list was created by Mark & last updated 6/4/10. 


APG performances    .....& those of apgistas,  where pertinent or interesting (the former have 3 asterisks,  the latter have one).....
I have begun including details of shows that were not recorded (because of the venue, or because of technical problems)
@@ = exists on tape cassette
@ = exists on CD or other digital medium

***First Free Poetry Day
Really great leaflets, with nifty little graphic elements, were printed up, with poems by Randy, Mark and John; then, on a sunny Saturday during the spring or summer, those 3 apgistas distributed the leaflets to passersby in 3 locations, using the slogan, “Free poetry: because you need it.”  RP’s idea.
Much of the time, Randy and Mark handed out leaflets while John wore his sign saying “End Poetry Now” and harangued people not to take the leaflets;  for brief periods Mark and Randy took turns being the anti-poetry heckler.  Photos exist (taken by Mark).
This came before our first stage performance,  because at that performance, at the First Existentialist,  the sign (which JLo made for Free poetry) hung from the lectern throughout the event...
Early summer or spring, 1999,  probably [or 1998?]
Locations: intersection of Virginia and Highland; Candler Park; the top 5 blocks of Euclid Ave., in L5P
[... Mark used to have copies of the leaflets but they’ve been lost (apparently for good) for some time now]
***First Annual APG Day @@
First Existentialist Congregation
Wednesday,  November 17, 1999
Mark, Dana, Rebecca, Karen, John, Randy, James, Brian, Tedd
***Second Annual APG Day 
(“Wild West Georgia”)
University of West Georgia, Carrolton
Mark, Sandy, Zzac, James, John, Randy, Tedd
Thursday,  November 16, 2000
*Tuscaloosa Experimental Poetry Conference
individual performances at the big auditorium reading
John, Randy, Mark
approx. date ???
*Callenwolde Arts Center
open reading event
John, Randy, Mark.
--partly an attempt to smoke out interesting/interested poets (a resounding failure as far as that went)
(this was four nights after the Tuscaloosa weekend,  whenever that was)
***Third Annual APG Day
Tasty World bar, just off UGA campus
John, Mark, Randy, James, Zzac, Tedd.
Third week of November,  2001
***Performance by the APG as “the featured artist” at Sunday reading (“The Monkey Speaks”) at Java Monkey.  
Mark, Zzac, Randy, John.
(paid $50)
June 9, 2002
(billed in advance as “Randy Prunty & Friends” !)
*(throughout 2002 (very approximately) Randy appeared frequently at the open mike part of the Sunday night Java Monkey event)
*Two or 3 performances by John at Eyedrum with musicians (generally at the monthly improvisers’ night)
spring 2002
*2 performances by John and Roger Ruzow [on trumpet, flute & recorder] at Teaspace,  under the name New South Improvisers’ Coalition.
early summer 2002
***First Eyedrum performance  (as there was no other visual art show up,  this included a huge amount of vizpo, poem-objects, etc.  –essentially a whole “poetry show” hung in the gallery)
Mark, John, Randy, Dana, Tedd,  Zzac, James
April 18, 2002
***Performance of APG & Roger Ruzow at Teaspace;  billed as “NSIC meets the APG.”
Mark, Stephanie, Zzac, James
July 20, 2002
[all Teaspace gigs began at 3 (or in practice between 3 and 3:45)  on Saturday afternoon]
***Second Eyedrum performance
Mark, John, Randy, James, Dana, Zzac, Stephanie, Tracey
August 14, 2002
*John and Randy
Staten Island Poetry Festival
Sept. 21, 2002
***Fourth Annual APG Day / Third Eyedrum performance.
The Polyphonathon.
November 21,  2002
Mark, John, Randy, James, Tedd, Dana, Zzac, Stephanie, Tracey
[LangHarms are usually on the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month;  when not,  they are very close to that .. e.g. the 4th one was on the Tuesday of that week instead; over the long haul, starting time has varied between 8 pm and 9 pm]
***First Language Harm @
>>>Minute poems
Mark, Stephanie, Tracey, Randy, James, Zzac
January 15, 2003
***2nd Language Harm @
Mark, Stephanie, Randy, James, Zzac, John, Tracey
February 2003
***3rd Language Harm @
>>>Cinementally yours (aka the glass box) :  movies/TV,  in preparation for the ACS/PCS Conference  (“popkult”)  in NOLA 
John, Tracey, James
March 19, 2003
***4th Language Harm
>>>no actual theme, (partly more things intended for NOLA)
(integrated (nominally) with the Bookmobile events) 
Mark, John, Tracey, James, Zzac
April 15, 2003 (Tuesday)
***Popkult (ACS/PCS Joint Conference in NOLA,  at the New Orleans Marriott)
most polished & unified presentation of the “Cinementally yours (aka the glass box) :  movies/TV” ) material... 
John, Tracey, Dana, Randy, Mark
4:30 pm    April 18,  2003
***Big Reading in honor of Another South
individual readings by anthology contributors Dana, John and Randy;
performance of Mark’s Polybox No.1,  by Mark, Tracey, John, Randy and Bill Lavender
at the New Orleans Contemporary Art Museum
8:00 pm    April 18,  2003
***5th Language Harm
>>>Writing is an aid to writing {aka, Writing is an aid to more writing}
John, Tracy, Randy, Mark, James
May 21, 2003
***6th Language Harm
>>>Just the facts
Michelle, Zzac, Randy, Mark
special guests, the Seabergs
June 18, 2003  
***7th Language Harm
>>>The Letter V b/w Rimer’s Delite
John, Michelle, Zzac, James, Mark, Tracey
July 16, 2003
***8th Language Harm
>>>Your name here?
[line-up not known]
August 20, 2003
***9th Language Harm
>>>The Atlanta English Dictionary (the AED)
[line-up not known]
September 17, 2003
***10th Language Harm
>>>I is an other   (Je suis un autre)
[line-up not known]
October 15, 2003
***Fifth Annual APG Day (Second Free Poetry Day)
This was the month the Eyedrum people fucked us over and shifted someone into our spot, so we made that year’s annual day just be (which we had planned to do anyway, in addition to Lang Harm) a day of going out and doing  “2nd free poetry day”... that is, we distributed our work at various locations around Atlanta, a reprise of Randy’s idea of 1999 or 1998; this time the participants were:  Mark, John, Randy, Tracey, Tedd and Zzac 
November 2003

***February 24th, 2004 at e2
The APG offered a round robin of short poems,
a couple of helpings of polyphons, some other stuff... and
the return of Tedd...  [slightly paraphrased from our original ads for this show]
e2 cyber-coffeehouse at 908 W. College Ave. 
[because of our hot performance, 10 days later it burned down]
7:30 pm
Mark, John, James, Randy,  Zzac, Tracey, Michelle, Tedd, Dana
***11th Language Harm
with Special Guest Mark Salerno
Mark Salerno;  Mark, John, James, Zzac, Tedd
March 18, 2004
***12th Language Harm
performances and big vizpo exhibit
John, Mark, Randy, James, Tedd, Tracey 
May 19 and 20th, 2004
***May 29th, 2004 - Sat - An Othered South - word & praxis event
at Eyedrum
Beginning at 1:00 pm and continuing all day! Performances, readings, talks and discussion from poets in the South working with and against poetry in the avant-garde tradition. Asking questions about communities of poets and networks in the south (New Orleans and Atlanta in particular). Present were Bill Lavender, editor of the anthology ANOTHER SOUTH: Experimental Writing in the South, Hank Lazar, the APG, and other southern experimentalists, poets from the anthology and those not represented in it. [another paraphrase]
***the APG present John Cage,  on WREK
talked about Cage, answered questions about him…
read some of his work, and Mark’s polyphon The Bars of the Cage
John, Mark, Randy, James, Tracey 
June 6, 2004
***Cage event
@ Eyedrum
performed his work, and Mark’s polyphon The Bars of the Cage
Mark, John, James, Zzac, Randy, Tracey
June 9, 2004
***Word & Praxis event: Stein
Mark gave lecture on Stein based on his PSA chapbook
poems and plays performed
John, Randy, James, Zzac, Mark, Dana
June 24, 2004
***13th Language Harm
James, Mark, Zzac, Randy, John, Tracey, Dana
July 22, 2004
***14th Language Harm
>>>Sound poetry & improvised poetry
[line-up not known]
September 15, 2004
***15th Language Harm  @
>>>6th Annual APG Day
[line-up not known]
November 15, 2004
***16th Language Harm @
>>>Poetry for animals and children
Mark, John, James, Randy,  Zzac, Dana
January 19, 2005
***17th Language Harm @
>>>Music and Poetry
John, Tracey, James, Randy, Mark, Zzac
March 16, 2005
***18th Language Harm
[line-up not known]
May 19, 2005
***19th Language Harm
[line-up not known]
July 20, 2005
*John performing an extended Johnny Minotaur improv
at The Seen Gallery in Decatur
August 26, 2005
8:00 pm
***APG in Freedom Park
>>mostly did a number of polyphons,
including,  the wrong boogie
Mark, John, Tracey, Zzac, Randy
Sunday, September 18, 2005
3:30-4:40 pm
***20th Language Harm
>>>Allusions, Illusions, Elisions
[line-up not known]
September 21, 2005
***APG performance of the polyphon version of:  switch blade (stock-still skeletons are looking out for Edison’s ghost).
written for,  and performed as part of,  the second exhibit there entitled Switch, which centered on electric light and electronics
Zzac, Tracey, Dana, John, Mark, Randy
November 4, 2005
***21st Language Harm
>>>7th Annual APG Day
Randy, Tracey, John, Zzac, James, Mark
November 16, 2005
*** 22nd Language Harm
John, Tracey, Randy, Zzac, James, Mark
special guests, the Seabergs
January 19th, 2006
***23rd Language Harm
>>>Mormelit Pugsleed
 [line-up not known]
March 15, 2006
***24th Language Harm
>>>How stuff works
[line-up not known]
May 17, 2006
***25th Language Harm
>>>Month-long projects
[line-up not known]
July 19, 2006
***26th Language Harm
>>>Really bad feelings
Mark, James, Zzac, Tracey, Randy
m.c.’d by John
September 20, 2006
***27th Language Harm @
>>>8th Annual APG Day
[line-up not known]
November 17, 2006
***28h Language Harm
[line-up not known]
January 17, 2007
***Other Poets Gathering 
organized by Randy and Bill
the APG appeared as such, with John, Mark, Tracey, James, Zzac
also reading: Lori, Randy, John, Alka, Mark
March 2, 2007
***29th Language Harm
>>>palimpsests / texts over time
[line-up not known]
March 21, 2007
***30th Language Harm
Gender Allegiances
Randy, Zzac, James, Tracey, Mark
May 17, 2007
***31st Language Harm
>>>Sound poetry
Randy, Zzac, James, Tracey, Mark
July 18, 2007
***32nd Language Harm
>>>the poetical is the political
Randy, Zzac, James, Tracey, Mark
September 18, 2007
***First (for us) Decatur Book Festival
readings by Randy, James, Mark
and,  using Lori’s time, a performance by
Lori, Randy, James and Mark of a polyphon written for the event
by those 4 apgistas....  performing as the APG, i think  [for now, at least, the title of this piece is lost]
Saturday, September 29, 2007
***33rd Language Harm
>>>9th Annual APG Day
[line-up not fully known]
“Special Guests this evening include Allison Rentz and Jeff Dhalgren. It also marks the release of the 2nd issue of Spaltung.”
November 19, 2007
***34th Language Harm
>>>Two poems
Mark, Jeff, John, Zzac, James
April 16, 2008
***35th Language Harm @
>>>The APG and Klimchak
[line-up not fully known]
May 22, 2008
***Geof Huth and the APG @
because GH was in town we arranged a reading/performance for him at Eyedrum;
the APG performed 3 polyphons written by Mark, as the opening act;
Mark, James, Jeff, Zzac, John 
July 24, 2008
***36th Language Harm
>>>Wednesday Night Meeting
Mark, James John, Alyson, Zzac, Jeff
August 21, 2008
***Second (for us) Decatur Book Festival
>James – including a days piece done with two readers (James & Mark) + tech wizardry
>Mark – 4 polyphons, performed by an ensemble of 4
Fugal blurt #1
the bars of the cage
Robert Frost at midnight, or, 3 nets    no tennis
iodine truck stop, or, heart ache heat engine
Bruce Covey
[Randy, Stephanie, Bruce, Brigitte,  among the other featured readers]
Saturday, September 30, 2008
2:00-4:00 pm
***37h Language Harm / 9th Annual APG Day
(Preceded by the Nonsense Theater from Madison,
and followed by the rock band Skeletons.)
John, James, Allison, Zzac, Mark.
Zzac did Betty Bubba with a large can full of noise-makers;
JLo and Zac did a duet, in their recent mode;
Mark conducted John, Zzac and James in a performance of his
Sound design for late capitalism #2;
James read several things and also did Plants, an 11 minute improv that he continued doing while others were performing on the stage;
John read a chunk he had prepared from the APG Autobiography;
Allison sat on the floor and did two extended improv pieces using sounds and her voice on a digital recording device,  in addition to her live voice.
November 27, 2008
***38th Language Harm
Mark, John, Zzac, Peter, Jeff, James
2 polys by Mark:
Belles Lettres – John, Zzac and Mark.
Robert Frost at Midnight 2 – Jeff, Peter and Mark.
John, Zzac, James & Peter performed a Jackson Mac Low polyphon, accompanied by Zzac on Hammond B-3 organ.
John did a Johnny Minotaur piece, also accompanied by Zzac on organ.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
***39th Language Harm
Mark, John, Zzac, Jeff, James
May 13, 2009
***40th Language Harm
>>>Quietness / Economic Downturn
John, Zzac, Jeff, Mark
July 10, 2009
***41st Language Harm
>>> Special Anniversary 10th Annual APG Day
with apgistalumni … Dana, Seth, Tracey;
& Mark, Jeff, Zzac, James, JSelv, Jlo (at a distance)
... John (JSelv) channeled John (JLo);
and he also channeled RP by replacing the latter for a performance of How DARE You  (altho in fact Tracey did Randy’s old part and JSelv did Tracey’s old part); this had been rehearsed with Jeff, but he went to the ER and missed the show—JSelv gave a great performance sight-reading, and TG also
***42nd Language Harm
>>> Texting while driving [aka, Poems written while texting & driving]
Mark, Jeff, Zzac, James, JSelv, Nisa.
Karen Tauches, Jon Cilberto
March 17, 2010
***43rd Language Harm
James, Zzac, Jselv, Jlo (at a distance), Mark
***Low Ghost
(aka Alphabet Species / Low Ghosts)
@ the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
James, Zzac, Jselv, Jlo (at a distance), Mark
with David D’Agostino 
and Luke Leavitt (also at a distance)