Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

 essay 368

western odd is sling fest untuned maybe
is there someone there i can speak to about
the complete lack of positive direction in this universe?
not even uni, more a partisan gang in filtration
particulate removed blinkerdom    look away
the urban south   ain’t got stars
red carpet drenched fulla fueled re-get   lacking its R
 & backed up @ rush (our)
long to the slip grits maybe time happens
a loudshouter irrit-hacker quick-marching thru marshes
a thrower gets flamed
   right in the middle of alt fingering,
or scoop slips on table-ratted slope grouting
.... if cling, then sing,  or Macedon,
outa which Alex whined about worlds—
bawl yer multiverse out:
just one verse being worth an anapest twist-tie
for taking out the prosed rash ..
sadness ain’t worth it,  it’s
   over in the content we vend
(words needing kithara strum replacement therapy ..)
then  if ya get too upper case,
the lowing classes with cud syllabic
just might nick verbs
from out of this 2-year sentence, &
give ya a slight
re-naming procedure ....
like snoring with yer windows open & seeing grey
mushy things go slanking around
the rough tree leans


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