clips of desire

a poem for today
~ JLo swiping a title from Mark and linking it to his new year's resolution to post one poem a day in 2012, a poem a day is inclusive of single poems, short sequences and thus far two manuscripts (Clips of Desire and Sorted[sonnets]).

a square six
an aborted manuscript, it was six poems, but one didn't make it.

~ JLo project, a variable syllabic rule governs any "block" such that the number of syllables in the 1st line gives the number of line in total and the number of syllables per line throughout. Lines that do not conclude a sentence enjamb. Not much more to it than that. [Part of a poem for today]

Clips of Desire 
~ JLo project, 36 poems of 324 "words" each. There are themes there are doings but it's all there on the surface or in the audios (see the first group as audio has not caught up to production yet). This manuscript will wrap up in late May. [Part of a poem for today]

Combine Poems
~ JLo. Sometimes audio (meeting recordings), sometimes video, always using a variety of improv methods. Best just to click the label. There is also some poeticsy rumination upon them to be found.

every read thing
These images are all the same dimensions and were generated to accompany the 21 sonnets posting each month during 2012. Though the Sorted sonnets will continue, this visual project every read thing, will end on December 21st 2012. I'm calling them group of them every read thing as it was reading that generated the materials - the images - that comprise them, and those images were read again in order to assemble them, and in their final merged and morphed state they demand some reading as well.

Fear & Swans Itch
~ JLo project, 24 poems, 23 posted here, all with audio and sometimes more than once (other readers impersonating me) ~ one poem remains and will be appearing before the year is out

sƃuıpɹoɔɹǝɹ :ǝɹ
~ JLo project, to go back and record as many of the non-sonnet poems posted during the 2012: a poem for today project as is feasible.

Stolen Sonnets
~ Mark Prejsnar
how to steal a sonnet:
1. each line in the sonnet is a verse line from a poem by another poet
2. anything written in verse is eligible as a source; this includes translations; any verse poem may be used, irrespective of its period, formal approach, etc.
3. any punctuation that appears at the end of the line (in its original context) may be dropped (or not); any punctuation within the line must be retained; punctuation may be added to the ends of lines
4. capitalization may be retained or not, added or not, ad libitum
5. two contiguous lines can be by the same source-poet, but not from the same poem
6. the title of the sonnet, if any, need not be taken from a source text
7. the poet should endeavor to forget where the sonnet’s lines came from as quickly as she can

Sorted (Sonnets)
~ JLo project... 21 sonnets for the first 21 days of each month in 2012. These sonnets are database built. I collect lines from everywhere. Each is counter for word, syllable and character. Shakespeare's sonnets were treated as paradigm, crunched and divided. These three numbers 437 characters, 129 syllables, and 101 words are met precisely with each sorting. The number of sentences is provided for each as well as image which quasi-accompanies the texts. [Part of a poem for today]
News as of August 2012: I've decided a few things about this series... 1st, while they are "sorted sonnets" I don't want to call the manuscript that and am now waiting fora title to come to me. 2nd, I have determined the count for completion, the manuscript will end when I have 555 sonnets (185 each by word, syllable and character that have each passed the editing round). And, 3rd, all 252 sonnets for this year have been written and will post to the blog in time, next year I will continue, adding 101 more each by category until I reach the target 555 - then comes the editing round.

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