[from:   the Loss Lieder]

as in then odd a small screen with elf writing Mac to the then knife all shown they held that one time / it’s about rapid in the blink slum or sun camp all holding yell rampant as an impish but altho the storm got winking to imply here a nick there a click / all the facings in my hand got ya going that’s the release point,  when the human starts getting up and dusting itself off / the rosin carries you over into the storm where the thick metal strings pluck at the heart knot / pluck not at the strings o’ hurt,  a fling is washing down the time of meetings, all meetings get plowed under into acid soil / but do i grow?  a mime in time saves the curvature of space / if trounce in then the bow pulled across the strings of stars then you know that opening the parachute goes to that razor entropic seize at the castle abutment rock over Montovani / it prints out the post-xeroxian leaves to the one time then it like school repeats / a blazer forth it was bodyguards in a troll or stroll slippery here with a plethoric time don’t hit the wrong control or sizzle at a wider base the trailer camp is notes on and then fables for a deconstructional fling maybe hunch along / those w brains removed will report to the darkened alley at one flip to a flop all the seeing’s that sentence / keep evidence sequestered from the crunching or munching subhumans / a lacquer covers that one tense you see in the partially cracked-up mirror and what you see’s a lacker / the oldest inhabitant one to a crock slather / then worthless they devalue words / the one thing that’s Paul’s big trip to not forgive, trashing the line of the voice /  then as they say rat to the will peak sum table grates over to umber,  alive that yank jazzes all off kilters for rank pulling / it depends on interval, that’s to slay, a think most determined to glow faze relation,  we’ve recalled signif to ash others,  each one has a hamper to drive in capability green or white as might bleed / if you wait for hand re-shaking as the withering it cold ables slake a wanting as peerage goes to the peeping Thomasina / cathartic old basement spins a record with a white label, DJ anthem recruiting gists now a foam-limited price time / also, the retarded have ritardando, to clasp ‘em crooked as a pointed-to derogatory,  an indicated scavenger bird, wake all the topiary sound biting who they now reveal to / .. it stays that way   if you gotta create then ram all the heavens of my own, a railroaded sin fumble, welt to introd the nevers cutter asterisk symbology/ as the man sled .. you can’t hit and think at the same time / the almost heavily same point punctures for a poet ...  in that just or unjust remaindered whirled.

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