massive open offline caricatures, or, faceless book

mooc 4

the synthesis of numerical calculation  & the dispossession of undocumented shirkers, i guess he figures it repurposes a special program, 7 compilers piled into the back of a broken down low-level hardware control process, residing in the cloud, great for entertainment just as a mirror ghost represents backup designed for work, play and most important of all getting sold down the river; touchscreen collapses her algorithm for channeling yr questions around into more questions—why’re less connections float acid retorts, grappling in the either, a net eventually defined by holes, & a whole on the other hand we shall define by not; neat;   trying to figure out who he is means he needs to resolve readability concerns by adopting non-traditional approaches to code structure & display; noun-transitional apps:  roaches;   cold strictures end his pay

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