a set of blocked pop ups 2

studies in the name of cryptic sentences, as, the cannon
was found just off the bay, rusted by
the action of sunlight and silence as an inescapable
principle, down in the depths of lost
motivations lie sneering & horror of being
observed ... inch to centimeter, disks of crude light
to analog twangings;
you can dash anyone’s space by being
more certain than yr neighbors
that the trash cans have bits of flame inside ....
node points are apparently for stuffy
lectures against slink-bot overtimings in a
reassembled tablet of ancient names:
they ignore like ampersands or sands
filled with ore ....  alternates are seated according to
how “or” gets into ordinary....
when everyone can see you
it’s an off-the-cuff matter like a floating collection;
overnite, the buzzing bee
forges honeyed words like jangles;
a crosswalk’ll take you back
to where they started
& then got run down

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