a sampled universe

excursus 1:
source document master file organizing project

can also seem difficult and even peculiar
but he also articulates a passionate faith
like, waves collapse into particle forms across a wild or narrow web,
the amazoning spider, mean as a comic book,
pow as almost subsided under the whap;
or fantastic for leaving is arrival maintenance asking,
the fab fear rote songlets by placing
fingers on a fingerboard
& gettin’  ‘em chopped off, & up

some of the poems touch on historic events
like a lexicographer
mapping quake Sam to little nearing
it goes hopin’ stance is closed a-gush;
dear devil:  the mount is a stick in, lag are the poor
for they shall impair less the Ur(th)

we shall abide, urbide

biography progresses backwards in time, in
other words, we know almost nothing
and also skirt around the links till dweeby featureless
characters in big cars, surround the swamps and the
smirking huge bird: something truckin’ right out of
a cover, a re-arrangement or even a jamesian episode
reckoned as epode

The biography in this poem is an amalgam of old and new approaches;
it says:   how ‘bout them gladiators,
as a reminder that we’re less history than faction:
capstan amerika
as a spinning
with   spelling

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