Luck, key : fried, eh? or, the poem as an intellectual property with an underwater mortgage

[from:    the Loss Lieder]

slip goes to the mine field, the your filed sez:  all ho ho rampant slashdom / some perps can’t breathe without talking like a head without his chicken offed cut / gonna sashay down rampant street, cradled in a grave manner by subtile intro-awarenesses, flitting with careless abandoned bldgs under the vinyl aves / as long as it’s free go ahead and be a cut-up like william who burrowed or johnny who buried the ash ...  .  . . .

absolute that idiolect hums like a fire without no hear balled up in the corner / a still galaxy clan grammar over to the checkout’s a storied under related then dashed by some climb at reason or nuff  is enuff already! tribes keep ya finagled into slow tumble rant stasis / grew as if grange per site nor the glimmer told as a ploded specimen:  exponential grips ex-potential with a lock like rain,  if ya don’t investigate ya won’t flit at sneer foaming whatever ification / those know blown-up is the string dance along down as if rip to annoy floats the audibility rope frown dangle to drop toward tone / as if the now where’d chatter harmers to related on a porch with wilded life at a resistance auger nearness / as if bland to basilisk were really just an anglo fishing name,  gone to piety at the green forestalled winter ice soothes a sickle to mow down mow down ere they come / new voice knackered resonate in yodel idyll cottage:  head wound,  see,  that’s the conversational as ago fable ... a now’s a knot to have theorem, all time used / as if tomes got buried in grass lots for nab power sequence / here’s the solidified music / hack aglance’d and undo articles, dare a gross fugue regulated asterisk clock-eyes lugging surfeit .... it’s as a southern underlect yokes round a slap tangled bell, yokels into:  amp-fangled cell .. so after the cadence if you swim up the word river... then silence rattles all the way   to realty

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