legal guilt inlaid thru the injection molding

[from:    the Loss Lieder]

as if then a space in a trounce
oh you indistinguishable experience!
table that motion, in stasis
time to leap out of space in steel
alt or dot to a calm’d down middle:
leap into that data based on being anywhere
not a bronze alarm cracked into—
ripped then, flung hooey ignore find clanking which-finder
under here spaces between the letters get
farther & farther like breathing on yr off-day
flat merger control
a sigh fire falling to peaces (war/he/her)
wave motionless at each flaking
particle as a sectioned-off today
negativity rake to ham it up at the planet’s surface
self-eval w a knackered slum door
as a rent parity cling slipper
glass top manage this shadowed there to
foil almost i can read that forgotten language
crawl to think    & then ..

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