dot uncalmed

[from:    the Loss Lieder]

positive sister.  hanging with a slipper industry backslider. hang lack roam into an older disc.  it says now i can begin to let a you with a personality into the culture guide civic nailbiter times whistle.  being put on display is like sodium or slogans.  a mechanical soil period being off. as a paid time out. i feel it’s got humor, translations. all along a bit of time. we are now opening up the burning yellow pages..  infer? no! it blazes by a verbulet that runs down the side of a green memoir.  siren over city.  text opens out its chiming sounds, fanning across, helping without.  if i cd run that way slamming these bits of collective tenderness we’d bring down the government. lank mantle upset goes, now a spread sheet quails: we got units to open.  polka dot unstammer. ”my documents” contains a copy of “my documents.” they know their idioms.  all in a school w lash print focus undersinging. there’s an ethos that says,  appoint judges. me, i got imperial authorization.  keep living better than the others are allowed to. & hit the question mark outa the ball park.  near our era: a toned organism.  each time a foundational chuckle,  makes cranes arch over the water.  a clucked bald like saying. i’m only sculpted.  way down.  by the bad pay.

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