Cloud Computing-- New from 3rdness Press

Now out from the APG's 3rdness Press: Cloud Computing by Josh May. It's published in conjunction with Fifth Planet Press (thanks, Nisa!) and available from SPD. Or if you want to order from us, just drop us a comment or send an email to atlantapoetsgroup@gmail.com. If the cover above doesn't sway you to buy, below is the blurb:

CLOUD COMPUTING supposes the sui generous and then is so bold as to use any means necessary to "compute" said thing/world. The answers are pulled down from clouds, black boxes, and the like, and they seem mostly correct. Any detectable errors seem immediately to fall under Wittgenstein's mantra "The world is all that is the case," or Frank O'Hara's gravestone, "Grace to be born and live as variously as possible," or maybe even Warhol via Cale, "Faces and names, I wish they were the same." If this book of poems were a movie, it would be a blockbuster action flick with lots of pyrotechnics, and you can bet its tagline would be: There is no nexus in the cloud.


  1. Yeah, there very much advantages of cloud computing one can do more than he think,Thats why cloud twist comes from the management services placed on a remote server and a virtual machine. With these management services, it allows us to manage the server box remotely on a Hybrid Cloud NYC via internet.

  2. obviously Adam you *need* this book - it will show you a very different side of cloud computing I think