etude w black light

the vacancy that it points toward
hemming and having, as   to hem and haw not,
& even then, a mind skates around  on pretty
thin vice, revving where , slack indeterminacy
actually not recalling the atoms making up matter,
clinging to a slip roll tumble degree
and measuring extension         ‘cross height

lack slum is a left    in a deserted condo?

maybe if you eschew the unknown or unrecognized
plosive as familiar territory    monsterific !       leaks to the press
a nest of sounds            good humor expulsion
pleased to avoid me     a crow where fires   flee   
an avenue:     primped-up  & broken clear-cutness?   
cut    jazzed up , kinking missed connections or taping

even that index shows you stuff’s missing
a caption with grey mass

or fakes team at the edge such unreal ethics policy
blink & fling     boomerang to curve
i say, gesture without:   as being wove clung vision
ask make deal toward rip weave
diesel    wall    tug
edge:  air

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