study 265

long slow tidal push toward where    the title’s pushed
into slack dream green           falling w panache like a string
of uncool malls  in the hinterland   the hinted-
at lands            where structures grin with domicile ...
maybe fronds right here to hide a twisted
nature of personal subsistence    lessons for the
lurking     you’ve got a lot of  pinched nerve !
a slide ruler hid the state takeover
of my mystery poem

before the joint combat seventy percent higher:
sleek in the unread there and then’s truth
in the swamp  with sudden laff         or a signal coming from
lives readjusted using ammo belts against overage,
against leverage, against
toxicity wind level factor sequence amount lever
non held, the mild spasms that way   believe it:
desire’s got      auto-control at the start of  sunup
                 always arriving
& in the middle of storms

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