trickery unsound source

blinking eye searing into digital volcano cloud of ahs and smoke

blinking eye behind broken glance

a black box containing computed weather

piano keys that require a strongman.

a strongman surrounded by his men
with automatic guns

yr automatic gesture & what it points away from

a computer controls both blindness & words

the idiot clicks a cell phone like a cricket

reading about the poetry that has no words,
he circled the landscape that has no eyes

my list organizes both time and unclarity

single idiots blather at the edge of fictional dimensions

bonded idiots are sealed into phones like lurkers with play dough

that then the structure w dimmed verbiage
as a slow hand real time focus lit bulb slung
away smashed

a slurry of words floats free

frown whip reasoning:
lug that bit of brained silence over to the kennel:
a sequence waiting forward, rending breakage,
dinky little moments, .. we live in the acid
near the thermal vents ... a framework for not having
as many words as shocks

inhabit a world where the blade engine re-cuts a swath
like a path

blinking eye behind broken glass

look where doing is like standing outside himself

the denatured eye is a serious kitten,
holding to it’s own serious moment:

to forget is
to stand here

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