emanate, or: our daily, bred

[from:      the Loss Lieder]

 to slip is a stir/appall small field same/clash rant a tear is tare to what in the wheat?/grass glows graceful/backspaces loam into vivid/sleek nugatory candy w. an absent center/a clack is all the slick, racked/remiss miss again mock manqué/slim pickings rid to tide gosh/zip in the yap fan slum how?/a flang with dire assist/oh yeah well the k-o is one option/nice in the yawning opening/always supposed to be unheard/sealed in the amber/ if in the voice quake flow flout cistern rack make it all quick on yer trip ; a halo floats main ride system veerance look at the lack apiary summer as excellence in the meaning printed out for snails & grubs across all woodlawn in the near there is don’t depend on,  that scaffolding ; minute to appear there then, how a crass to incline where when, i float a calculation to blur the tremble dwarf sizzle phenom, after that the hall of days it stretches where wandering says hollow goes to presence you nod, knowing that one the meaning generator ; or that if crunch fame to a slick tide weave in rattle out the cereal control over blue plains or brick schools, mange a not where fluster ink torrid for here there in a mild or break to a system stop-time time-slip (to slip is a slur) how fever to a distant umber ; nutrient feeling goes growing in the grain / where it publish tics to sent long ago the mean is a street / or fabule hammer melteth down / flow the unit blossoms maybe a near hack to needle what the desert is to ice water and or what throwing up is to losing you / this would be the non such to eso the teric it seeps where you can see ungrim to tale,  springing from the file / because the one unit of attention spans the bridge to be suspended havernotch silk listen / to find all meaning’s a response and an ability no it don’t start with no dream / to slip is to stir

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