to constrain the opposite, being physical or, aver on the coast

[from:   the Loss Lieder]

a legal clause
to act  within his depiction of size thru mail
was all i cd do a database goes on and on and
he had a tongue tided to emotional problems clashing
or his phone they preached pampas-wander
like ratted-out dabble:
uneasy air unfulfilled access unextended family familiars get
placed over & about and another thing
it’s gossip if it occurs behind the diagram
throat missing beautify of speed move ahead free-livin’
spliced up executing the shaming-morph
a singular number to speak out
forage crop for the swing ax i know your
too boring not to hate the rush speech
         aiming for
more swingers     or, then,   in a stockade  (both senses )
not just negotiations it limits comas placed at
the ends of sentences beginning with a vowel maybe howl
mimic citadel to undermining
slow limits to the growth toward civil war academy
place-holders hailstorm rational criminald plumb (line)
outa inkages cutting dolls, unhooking fevers, gop—
insist,  he intimated, sprawl of yell soaked for
over 100 lines as a not-quite-murmur:
a punishment can reduce blame (shamways) worthiness
or slow marching rag nifty    when you remember that the
votes cast into outer darkness interiors shaded
by hatching clumping whim curdle,
you realize ax of mention
is out-of state-tag, a gooden tag just a
causal gritting
grinning to tell you
bits of saying always have spaces between them
so there

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