three pruntifora from Unknown Zone

o!   so that’s where

long troll & tiny line!  
troll takes out a symptom with tonality,
takes a bite,  lunch w. maybe...
tiny bits of time re-agreed to in a
line,   in a stanza          rad


the crips

stupidity is the leafing voices
is a mind quality with itching but
the void slithers under a flat laff;
leafing into ok w. no breaths... never have!  never have!
voices crack and eyes roll clubbed


high-speed  underload

are you coined by a rip glance?
you keep moving,   coming into some future
coined words are so complicated!
by seething,  by intro hack;
a wink,   then he nipped round the corner...
rip this anything, stasher,        or
glance and the toll mounts--

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