This House Around Sighs ~&~ Ambiguous Detail

This House Around Sighs

ways love just now 
  i am typing it 
save this this text 
  i have to me 
to do morning books
  because cohere or it
shifting demands i am  
  but wait the room
fucking (ask me how 
  seeing fish to death 
with a rock shooting 
  maybe thought some so-n-so 
never thought about this 
  not lie or flat 
outside i am screen 
  because it's so me
is thinking the path 
  of this which text
do you) after that
  i hate things out 
making to be me 
  point my way amputations
be me to death 

Ambiguous Detail

riding all of you with weaker constitutions 
as the headless bod, acephalus, meaty holes 
gushing or gaping. hate the screen because of you 
naked and pour salt on. like that's a vivisection. 
that can't escape seeing it on him and you in advance
drags behind me as i looks thru it

delight is the best single answer, even as
it revolves around the thorn as lodged.

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