[from:    Homespun]

well to be                                          in that odd document  a bleep
at the mind sitting flow time process      try
different chords                    by their shape   long (verb) into a long         

blink stretch       very hazy

a bit of hazing at the time, intertwine those
                                                similar   snap-forms
                      i don’t know where this
is going      he spluttered                               fuzzy
                                                                        a knuckle curve:
                  float like butterfly
                                                    sing,  under the sleet

focus at the F stop    or g or h                  a
                                                              standard mechanical handle?

               drop out or in

                                      all different times  (spaces)  referencing  a call-back
a re-call                                                    identitesque


                                                            thinmolded plastic
                 floating in the middle    a bought        air mass

                            all among                 sequencing down

                                       suds in eyes

               year-watching                                       moments

                                        a small hellion in back
                                                                                                   gopped,    gossipy time-share

find the direction by going
             in a different

                                forest fired    smokestack   thunder across

     a bit of smoking                                         verb:  smudge

that lack in chronic    simile over ancient  is the here now then 


                                           tumbling into

    eviscerate cline samplin’

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