The Bomb

i've always loved the bomb 
entry forms will seem inadequate after this
there is no relief    i thank whomever one thanks
that love like the bomb is not a stone 
           skipping endlessly
but the water which welcomes it 

this is the word turn
my language as the point off
this is the word go

rather talking thru rumble after the facility to get the textual presentation in each of oncoming when i woke up this poem 

how much harder do i   have ever    lied my way 
this morning it as marked by me but its raining 
my air or who said i can't make it was dreamt it
as the word turn
tokens, instants 

my little plot of language as the one who said i won't cohere, roughly
at least it does if we buy the idea of knots 
of course thru here i'm throwing kittens into territory where
its raining and i knew lies were in dog    but 
honesty seems inadequate     already soiled 
that way for the point of this is this poem

how much harder do i asked you here
to have done so tears running i know i 

? ? ?

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