Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 362 : a flow or too
this then would be the way that workflow reflects on clung in relation to the overall proxy matrix in a  postmodish timing flow as a river time down to hassle and disrupt enemy singing, it may be that if you work hard enuf on goldbrickin’ you will end up all told, the mine explodes when the paratroopers and the tanks almost get there; you can’t claim it’s soulful or anything it just finishes jazz in the full experience of the re-sounding at the back around as if to those who hide keys in different cars and don’t realize that their malice is as the sound of one ear flopping

as then the ear flopping ration is what the bleached albino raging in the jungle non-imagines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ``,  for flame is to green as whip is to will in as gone quaint blather victimizes all train soul regard ash angels     is that a back to the sleet world cage heaven to build of yer own?  as quick flash manage over to be then on bike hammer sequence all gone table recall that time in midst of winter as going to an almosted spring, the odd regard chases you you gotta have more revolutions as a cycle that recycles there-ness & me-ness it’s a wrack float simmer can-do kinda americanism of the intellect, slithery snake-ism of the will (or will not)

this then is where you go when an artificial animal with a broken spring rips down the pavement from ceiling sky as then the riddim goes hither-from it means that zero sleeps where the lion wakes, in the Bronx or a tiled street in a corner of L’Afrique ...  then that there is a matter of Rosen like or in fact Cobb like absolute ability, which brings into the reality sphere a completely unmediated identity encompassing the physical act of writing & the actual final product itself carved into dimensionality as text, performance. score and experience ....

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