floaters are walk maybe ghosts w group rights

[from:      The Loss Lieder]

maybe a matrix is in the tearing yourself
apart a near total frame,  iffy in the weird sense   as if you
take too long to be back in the cauldron boiling
a near-sited missionary or Michigander or
something, the mind leaps
the kindness freaks,  a word total deepens at the far edge
near where the moon shows in the late
afternoon ...  a brief history of petrified approaches
to data & its discontents
mere wishing a key is a sneer w a very low
melting point
now for a line or 2 about the city that grew
till it crushed your back & ankle
a vendor for slash burn riot is a recon
about to slide back numbers & late stage
archeologies ... look at the newsworthy big sub nuclear facts
the new clear fax are these:
here are some words w fire for a quick action
because the disc
‘s been wiped clean.

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