a sampled universe

assemblage 1

building big structures
with writer’s blocks ...
polluting militarizing backslash stumps
lineation, utilizing military jackboots;
rupture of that link
or grapple goes to scythe goes to overlapping
it’s possible that most of the rank &vile
under serious mistrust or savings
splat spatial & temporal lobe
open canned laff’d or
spurt to plod daily
bulldogish intercom chats up
shifting meter:  try parking
in the drop-off zone (planted in undersoil
w unfamiliar addictions—)
hi, per-ball, ick!
in the middle, where ya get block of text
is the flat space where you can’t adjust the sense;
in the middle is the gape lineal efflux
normative seeing leads to drone
like the slightly controlled wasp

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