a sampled universe

assemblage 2

It is already known that he was put under surveillance
an asocial medium, lunge
to soften his questioning
toward extreme discomfort over extent of hacking
mashes     unrecognized or indistinguishable
has been rocked by the arrests
his "unwavering support"
could be a game changer
all known slippage at the verbal interface
for a  top-selling tabloid
fleck at the back point, or by not reporting
runt flows into stint
hardly chuff’d at the back smidgen
by not setting aside an adequate advertising
budget to promote travel & shopping
livestock in middle age,
questionable and shamelessly grim
agate then agitate
some of the rebels took over a government position
sweet Sue, a cidal ideation
a judge ruled Thursday night eminent or terminent domain
mercurial branded statecraft
had just issued safety violations
regarding backward incompatibility of caring
& poetry,  toward extreme discomfort over extent of
unbranded cattle employees slyly known as independent
contractor contracting into a smaller niche
or nudge forced into a chaotic default
that only pretended to relate to that form
by virtue of a name—

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