Conditions imply the replied conditions [with audio!]


if dumb dumb da di da
if there is fight to put up
if nothing wants to be me
if working on multiple levels
if there is free to get you say you are going to get some
if my head hurts
if soldiering on with empty  
then sick and dirty will be the beat down that has locked till you drop
then slatterns are in retrograde
then the best on offer is a party
then the network is inside already
then I is an absence until guilty
then the morning is shot
then dumb dumb da di da
if gaga
if you gave it all up and played speechless
if love
if there were no space between the act and the consequences
if a beat can be dirty
if fame is a space found even in prisons
if days were cried out for the others
if a bit of sloppy strumming will suffice
then sign me up for rock and roll
then god is just a young man too
then we all need to find some new hobbies
then what about dancing in the revolution
then the hair would grow in your soup
then loss
then fat lady cows would come home humming
then gaga
if bang bang
if dirty
if cozied up with the losses, awash in dim superstitions
if that shit don't fly
if the point of no return was back there by the Quick Trip
if the ambrosia clogs your throat
if secret kitty calls for you breathy with meow
if the rumors are mortally exaggerated 
then this is the picture of health
then there are teeth to neck
then you can dine on crow
then strip mall hell is the foyer for heaven
then looks like you'll be walking
then how's that working out for you
then rich, beautiful dirty rich
then bang bang
if gaga
if there were a way to electrify
if there is a follow that was led
if there is a way forward but not back
if in those moments it was truth and later false
if that's what you think I should do
if weather is like content
then the date will not matter
then obviously I'm going to do the exact opposite
then the word betray would lose any imaginable reference
then regret is universalized
then a going forward will have likely been
then there would be no need for the metal guitars
then gaga
if dumb dumb da di da
if there is road to cultural imperative as outsideless
if there is other other othering to be done
if this bodes well, hell and the numb
if this and this and no thing
if body
if nothing left to lose by the precipice
then why does the wind call out for us to all rise up
then language
then it collapses back twice knocked
then just the aches of the body decaying, declining line where seemed separate mind collapses back
then there aint no reason to be alone tonight
then shame at the exits, full smoke of disambiguation
then dumb dumb da di da

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