2 pieces in pieces

thumpin a winking

it’s just the light staying flat the force case vacant w. rattle 
just wave formation hit within hearing
& a
light that sleeves all the wa
y up to sandbars there in the clock;
mannered flinging   flock..
staying for the meeting?
flat out,  i’m going for the avoiding

 the thrower floor

nettled by the blasting cap  grown out of crowdedness..
by jove,
title crikets right here watching
blasting go by in the movie music.. my
hat was thrown into the ring long ago,  no sorry that’s the square,
grown around but it goes around, and the yinyangs’re thundrin in the gorge    &
the sleek comes
out into a seethe moment w. lacking whistlers;
of this i can be sure:
crowdedness breaks lemmings into animal snack ripples.....

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