a version of variations

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a rush fever hauls in a quite now tempo yeah
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a rush fever is looking where come to go in metallic flood
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a rush can’t as tattering strickens build foam a shed to a sea
a rush fever sez that’s that stringboard you need to ten be rant yes
a rush fever the head integrates quick to the glint light
a rush fever how to breathe in the back behind thought a green light yeah
a rush veer at fever product abso fantas look quick sing in singe kind hanker to anchor
a rush fever the Congo drums get square slammer at an inkling fade racket back
a rush fever tramp flow knack all gong rick hate into something
a rush fever now quadruple fab fab handle mellow over in slick
a rush fever ample not wish rail at the  now over outside dialog
a rush fever tip toe thru the blowups fame rat snicker kiss opal or in wicket

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