study 115

then vaulting in the vaults, a family treasure gets peer reviewed, 
i mean,  acheified—
hatchling?   in a let-down mystery  ....

yes-ridden   seethes quietistic,  rustic...
this here’s music w. odd plodding wings
just like they got in crimson space

without mind-listening

demon prod flow stutter?  knottin’ yr life!
mangled root undered an open vacation
closed riot situ lab tech angle say trumpet
spaces are invaded   that’s a definition
ovidoid! creep to the transfixation of a change alter
famous in tie-ins:  leared right out a gangification nonsellers

& so prance handle famous having heavily then the use is hanker or
hearing   to jam pack stochastic    hemp’d

time is stolen  stolen time is property in time
stolen from meus    you know what i’m sane ??
link or a slush fund into a post-blast tangle

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