Throw Down

airs mug slip private appall insert
the gall of that man!
sand spilled in insomnia
rail all you want against myths
hours, wordless, to seethe
a shard a slice a slip a call
pin point tip rips heat
somatic sleet lather timing
"I'd rather be" screaming in horror
rather __is a rather big term
lost in a cage you're tame
cliff moment lava crag tower for falls
a quick night tears by
not the thing for an occidental
ring the clown for a back-paid clock
almost, too slick
a bumper crop sticker haul
sailing out of the mid-north
sucking noises at the wrong moment:
monument to the shrug
he's always shirking his laziness
alleys (for hiding or being hidden in

bang the inside of your eye
insidious, the city weeps in the drains
warps develop in the cringing
skeletons crowding your sentence
sour hinge
night is hatched by a heel
crass ambient glide hostel hostile as hell
Trakl in his glade
smiling millionaire truckling sideways
street hug moaner
in the misleading stat, maybe?
a must buy to purchase you some customers
sinking like a buoy
advertising inside sacking
with averse return to first ump crowds with heavy
raton makes a tarnish creep
sling lack home tried burnt crepe

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