the thrower floor choreographies

if you held some straggling information contained in the sparkling non visible
bytes under the scratched surface

when you’re sugar Cain oh boy do you got motive .. gate trigger
this guitargun’s got slow action or means
destroy in the creative reduction econo-mist blows around fer mr. boss

a little walkin’ around money to grease a few guys
all the slang w a free foot in the reservations i got
about them small series of somes or sames undertaken by
a small party of illusions
they may have said something about healing powers
lack adjectival swirl torn velvet
famous names are recorded in the back by a spider w a spindle
tv thoughts about who you are
getting smashed in a shadow per capita roughnecks w unconnected events
operation of converts is grey & black
anxiety, a fruit
if you can’t get free from
an iron box placed on the shelf
it determines the shape of the planets
tonight, on the superstation stocks took a nosedive probably
the reason the graft was interrupted by a scream was interrupted
by a stalled vehicle on the bridge was interrupted by
dear registered medical waste disposal manager:
a surge without bookmobiles manages nation kill
brawl chooses members
a criminal refund’s trad by unapproached sub-failed logic
got a quick list got protocol noiseless disaster tape
the voiceless or the stupid wave perfect opinions
it squeaks thru with mixed-up postjazz line sketch haziness for obit locations
word use means automaton behavior
juggling frozen bar codes, Lines for an invasion
trapped under the clutter is hornet clatter 3 possible hyphen foreigners
networked and shot w authentic please acknowledge stored pitch text
so you affirm nuclear subtext ammo adaptive control ‘n’ command
for recreational shaming w inclusionary butcher blades
final screen device punches at the molten disjunction bogus folding
or a shelter w charter that’s a trope
for passport incineration perspective departure &
the all-expenses paid vacation
where home is dispersed in explosions

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