Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 118

audio art says that the line’s a compressed space
opening into breezeways & breeze blocks,
using yr breeze card & snorting lines of pollution
like a beachcomber w an abacus. . .
the badlands are surrounded by mediocrlands
(pretty good country round there!)
how come they keep imagining that avant unguarded
is somehow the main part of the
dammed-up stream,
a broken branch w acid rain
over dew?

audio art amputates the time
bombing in an out-of-town opening;
a shared esthetic rummages thru the brick brackish leftovers
exit stage left, over debris—
if the numbers are good for a shaped stanza
how come the heroic deaf of the protagonist
is lost
on a militarized island?

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