Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 117

duende is doin’ an end, eh?
reading the words as specific, you go from
south to north without a capital
. . . vague or clunky is being sloppy w language
& i like that, it drags out the contest
how you take an exam together
squashes the space
between speakers into
zerophonic pixels:
the little people w lights
flickering back behind my strobe strophes

can you delete the scruffy bits
without re-splicing the torn antinomian genes?
the famous minimalist transition
skims over this nice flat delivery
van, mugs
between snapshots of the historical
rear-guard, i can squeak
duendish any time i want;
Lorcing in the background are 3 or even a meta-four
for the lynx
padding thru the snow ....

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