a poem for today

a poem for today, 7 March 2012
[a letter sorted sonnet of nine sentences and its image]
The life we invest in these figures is the same life that's taken from us.
We will be checking your room.
We weren't allowed to go out or take phone calls.
We need to know what works. 
We have free speech for everyone that has nothing to say.
We won't know anything until we open it up. 
We all like to laugh at quacks when they misuse basic statistics.
We have several other cases just like this one. 
Just because tons of people are signing up doesn't mean it's not a con.
We should enjoy this because it seems like we're all coming down now.


  1. "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." -- Albert Einstein

  2. "See we both fightin' every inch of our fibers" ~ Justin Bieber