"so the spectacle itself" from Clips of Desire (with audio)

as the metaphors so the spectacle itself,  the prob at the heart of baby with the logic of the more we lose,  clenched in a cascade guish any sin others as a much too us,  the red carpet,  catch in red tape we wave us,  we,  for ochre the same lucky world it was sometimes emblematic harbinger of desire events' passion my luve's like warns us rote,  still I feel a house which pro dis from the known as scrolls sev discon contin dyers up to nor were alchem,  describing unaccount the desires had shaped their our intense need desireable desires it in part two what scientists have discovered and why we form tists and psy phi wiring we tend,  absurd they disappear they ride away the small lady is tempted on a northern lake,  does not attempt to aesthetics of her edge or from some places in least,  muted areas and a typical example is morbid,  zir name was pictures in deserter wardly and giving selves do take drugs gracefully,  they withdraw the dark wood at night and keep their own discourse like an alien human society who is sucked I say she’s a lucky one fusing to establish a fronting the bivalent points of ambiguous entify with her being given satin-like rejection that inspire loves to typical I am they are rhetorical question,  hys a green snake dildo free clinic grab bag willing to risk using the rim where her hair meets some Pavlovian straps against each other I can pretend she wants to for her close-up,  pain into fun like some girls could say thirty-three or more getting off about my eyes asks how I’m public consumption,  finish my make-up and baby birds soon enough,  I’d never been inside a perpetually or twice a man right back put my shirt about my always those start in the kitchen all wraps hir long legs done down to eating 

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