study 17

big-ol egoism velocity
into the middle toward
anti-air craft;
formulae formulate
that’s what they do;
swords flip out as if slicing a mound, shoots & buds
or snap open can,

downgrade in the center
poverty: strictly stricken streaky
gaps in that heelish dude
iatro-generate flake powder,
fester humly millstone wrap;
so do you wake at marginal, skirting
orator timed-out hideaways? dunno: just
dampen down the turn-counter,

paddle thru yr up-stream w. no across...
ain’t got no type less than here,
it warns who might cap slapping>>
no one steers
at sell-phony hangups:
rash means fadey;
grip what now
the unthinking think

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