"a daisy bank most utopian" from Clips of Desire (with audio)

[This is late but it is still today so here it is.... a poem for today]

scenario,  plenitude and nondifferentiation associated slippage and confusion of swallowed ice,  don't won't do no harm some sly you and moment,  a sud,  unger far ew her to minha nonsense,  stripped the world will quarrel,  but they'd ever has been,  snips she hadn't fought of the world had set down,  antibi access and compared to issatisfied,  even after his en to breathe to source of his is relative mast desires working to suppress others mastered we the a feel the kind of ranquilizer it is living what circumstances to obsess over firmer abdomen,  appear mode of crises confronting us a succession of ticipated distur flict up that peril have to fling questions itable move how for sonate in the annot be the ificities in rioting would half wounded because it in devilish suggestion leaky body slips in from an animal-like to trace erotics whether it is of or as beautiful as stimulating contrast,  hifted to the mal species as what the girls has curls up to forcibly taught,  arches his back on a daisy bank most utopian cisely what her animal the wolf not wolf fails to work as a white gown,  the mirror leaves entirely open for awhile the whether,  cusing on the body parts prostheses a trope of the contempora dentity in her phasizes,  thereby effective ituals perative their margins see concerning we are prepared to see,  powers and dangers but break them anyway mise of the two-sex and roles ascribed,  the familiar phrase the male partner the passive with derivative reversal as a separate entity but for means one thing only it attaining at length its rectal gradients,  private looking glass so that the woman will taking fore creation will strive with seed even misogynist examples is egalitarian trans body,  through rupture of skin new structurings are generated to ideas on the practices and rituals of body in and with a car,  unnoticed in hir hand you want it

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