a poem for today "passing off" [NOW WITH AUDIO!]

passing off
passing off sawbucks as pock marks smile-like
no, no more passing off suspend the invelion or
no, no more like dismajereyan
but I went back to sleep, and that was 
but I went out like supreme consciosness come down hard the nexty morning 
next you know I meant that favor filled mulled uber / something here /
next you know nix trills und kicks whilst us'ns
but still here found stumped under a lump post / was action meat
but still  more did I say that or was that memory fallbackmixed shades
pick up sticks doofy shouters across the way sample the bell game
pick up sticks and grant shakers untoo all

[there are 4 other poems in this sequence one, two, three, four and this one, all a part of a square six and you can now listen as well as read]

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