a poem for today "taking back" [NOW WITH AUDIO!]


taking back 
taking back that branded and eggs tarry what had the band of
like I said before trash speching und ich dint get it in time now err buzzaleirt 
like I said taking back before
but meant it not did I as mumbled at it did pancake me there
but meant instead instead something else immer rag dimmer lariart premoon
slake my mumble ich all ways anyways maybe teams that dissolve toward one to
slake my mochte for a heiz kis sie scrumptious on a divan
I’ll take anything the time is limited spread buttons on me
I’ll take any plenary speaker and amp set canned hand damp lit page of
mice-like slanderers cagey and slumped (I take it back) they were
mice-like slanders purrfect for the split (I take it back) 
tarry there and derive profound motives for overdue books
tarry there and get off my front porch (I take it back) 

['taking back' is the first of five poems in a small manuscript called a square six, that I last tinkered with on 21 September 2009 in Mainz, another will run tomorrow and maybe the day after and the rest at the end of February or thereabouts. Click the a square six label to read and hear them all]

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