_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 4 ] by John Lowther

That it could even set in here.

A variety of ways to twist the handle such that the door opens variously.

It remembered me that. If natch, tour itched,

A din extremis corpus malatendi. Not stooping.

Hold that note. Don't breathe. Latch tackle

Busted off it. Says the letter remained unopened.

The timber of a sucked mouth breathy greeting

Like vinyl pops and crackles doused in a saucer of milk.

So you're saying that the other side of this, if it's like a page, can take no mark?

That expects me to believe you. Shouts clanged out

& then the motor ran a series of plastic kicks and punches.

Nobody likes a button pusher is the button pusher's motto.

Embouchure of the lines coming out and mined hmm's will itch.

Itch like an oil slick all the swans weigh in.

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