_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 3 ] by John Lowther


Every swan has swum some, I've swum some too.

Drunkenly says I didn't hurt nobody, a crash

Unlooked for. Every swan. Not one of these has it

You may as well buy the art. Carophobia is the

Fear of itching. There are books but this isn't

One of them. I'd ride frei. Ditz. Falling in

On an aspirin, this is so five minutes ago

& I am not the voice in here

That dumb action movie itch you'd have to call skill.

Death by procrastination. Today's special

Is paracetemol crow. A beautiful apple until a bite is taken.

Tautology, as when "openness" is better because it is "open."

Grout around a tub. Not that the phone says

We have to be there, only that it is strongly suggested, that

There is only so much oxygen to share, that

We'll be consequenced fairly, etc. Schick and Schön.

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