CRAYON BUBBLES and fudge coloring

above image is from the vispo show on display at eyedum
may1st thru may 15th 2010. work by john lowther.

so purile zipped and poor vocal
worst and vittles, drow and letter
a visible lisp it wrote colors

fumbled rust and anchored sun.
a two hand touch, seething sweat &
baby green stained bumble safety.

wonder into the moment, so crummy,
side wisely and answer when sand scratches.

california/sweden and ionic columns,
carved and sentient. prurient.

and luxuriously ambiguous.

signals tremor cerebellum ballasts.
beacon's lesions rank in slumped stances ( a shadowy useless lighthouse)
waning maybe and soggy barnacle's stillborn larvae

bicycle crimes are vapor, cellophane ripples timing
offset lessons into diagonal ellipses, cradled high chairs

for what-ifs. and purposeful tongue in cheek killers
a cycle tracks tears over tetanus and tinnitus kisses

while labor cranks ancient meadows thru rhythmic motions.

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