_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 5 ] by John Lowther


[AUDIO] - Impersonation of JL by Luis Caballero-Sousa, for Language Harm "Impersonations"

Swans are not aware of this, nevertheless they do it

Though these are the wrong words again. Watch

The neck twist. Lapped twice with lines.

Oh let's drop it. Take the turn that rains back for us.

Balms of course, gooped and waste. Oh let's

Pick it up again, put in a bag, and light it on fire,

Sing and run. Son trust. Picking break to blister.

& the cheerleaders say rah. Itch says

Fake the train and make a run for it,

Dispresidency, & take the bites you're given.

Spam email subject line says. Swans

Revenge plotted on hallway by the bathrooms.

It amounted to little more than a decorator fantasy,

Shades of well chosen with push buttons.

Home officer and three time gambler

Runs up flagpole handing off to sopping resentment

From the holiday party

Munching too dry by the close reading, scratch that, reading,

Scratch that, beating and, well, like that,..

Until there is that ding that says ding the opera is starting

Again ding and you all tuxedo in.

Sneer reflex of swan. Swans and peacocks at twenty paces

Meet the new urban warfare breaking through from

Maps into mouths because Aphrodite

She could be a real scratch, pardon my swansing

& her itch-drawn chariot and like that.

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