Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 50

Familiar liar mat (the edge of the mouth marked by the calm color
they were at the edge) and wilting category) material real
that (it has a closing there is a little metal) at loss soft
of gender dirt.
Distinction shuns distinction it
ids doesn’t (that as a sizzle (all on the same level but
mispronounced) mostly in nets) net posse (candled out of
levels between various ears, post-see) up a (pack) quake
(soft off it and real)or state, tore or opening rope scene.
But if eye (whenever the eye with all its rubbery stars whenever
it hisses) I’m manage (and in my own hands) edge to scribble
loud out(still) as wan (a compass rose with burnt stumps)
stung, it’ll zing the alive or cloth sand of distant (that they
way they postured themselves it was mostly (they way they
postured themselves (the factory was full of bells and
mannequins) the shrieks soggy (they were in their mental
edges) behind them)closed the angles out of whack) traction
Fake moustache that (distant that it at the edge) skips between
(that they hadn’t (distant slinking) seen it) multiples:
placid ad cake (edgeless) chaotic parts (stars) turn off the
A would-be beak id-napper (the bus was clapped (edgless they sat
together) and clean) and-tanned brown, holds alloy (off them
that they were on the bus) of gimmicks inward trembling
mandibles (their hands were (mandibles (they were not on
that side) are not poles at the same time) the same cloth
as their mouth)
leak from the jumble of ground (overheard itch, postured in
silver away from)
silver (as itch) is skipped
in hairs being wires grey wires (to be them (which way) they were
(even though they were not sitting together) without posture
silver) growl in sipped (a little mouth closed (the way they
sat together) with a lot of (outside the bus) metal) pain.
It’s not the one where (laying slower down sunshine) sheet jumps
from (the ears tucked into their pants (from (away from)
either side) they were (it meant (the next part) mental) on
the bus) the grid.
It’s the one where i’m (they were (the bus they were (as the itch
(parts of the way the silver was mouthed) separated) in was
outside them) on one side) frozen inwards-slum.
This series is (silver by silver) dictated by an ungridded whole
(without any side (the bus still (the stars all (they (the
ones on that side)all turned off (parts specked) into their
posture) the same direction)outside) they were still

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