Pause strut fee yes.

Early nineties.
Fascinating repeatedly fascinating. (insert visual here)

Irritating projects left undone. The polar bear opposites of
tormented self-doubt and endless self-aggrandizement.
Kick the cold toenails in worry.
Run the thread through a mask's failure.
Reserve impending failure in premonition of
a first institutional carnal toon self portrait.

While the microwave overheats bread,
your make makes conceptual sloppy.

Emotional, human foamy smiles.
So far out on this fool circle tradition ... again.
Ironic became sincere.

Oh! Happy victim!
Myan[sic] charade & peering figures mid-paranoid shadow time. Excuses for A.D.D.
Be a sucker. Something wise guy cautious.
Taboo of the Radical soul-whiffle ball wap history book.
Memories.Someone else's.
Baring quarrel longing's stream of who is failing- it stinks in the past.
New styles. Dabbler’s input click it or contradiction's odyssey.

Performance of the authentic. Who uses authenticity as cleverness?
Subject is idiots and art are idiocy's a
bsurdity aping clown allegory,this is known.
Role failure. The grandiose masquerade of the self is real.

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