Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 51

The mouth, marked by the calm color 
and wilting material. The piggly tuck -- preceded
in birth -- until the Stasi knows, oh ripe
strawberry the little metal loss soft gender dirt.
Distinction shuns distinction.
Dinosaur Sr. It's possible to no forward.
They were in their mental edges; soggy shrieks
were confirmed. Pane. Inward we looked over Silver Hill
towards the trembling mandibles.
Person has not become this, rather the mind.
Celebration outward,
land of plenty or sleep.

Laying down slower, constellations of "marked mouths"--
this is what they finally meant. Let that be repeated.

Ids sizzle mostly in net's posse chappaquiddick quidditch
up a pack quake rope scene.

But if eye with all its rubbery star's hisses, I’m mange
3 stars rabid follow wuh eyes mint toes.
Scribble loud out!

Stung! It’ll zing the alive or cloth sand of distant new
york taxidermy bumble bunny baby bee bonnet butter but
the factory was full of bells and mannequins
The shrieks soggy! (they were in their mental edges)

Fake moustache! That!

(Sidenote:) Placid ad cake chaotic parts (stars) turn off
the brain.
Hold alloy gimmicks inward trembling mandibles.
Leak from the jumble of ground,postured in silver hill
has orange wilderbeasts away from
hairs being wires grey wires sitting growl sipped metal pain.

Laying slower down sunshine sheet pee pe in the doo doo
constellation pancake.
Humps the United States of Historical footnotes.The ears
tucked into their pants bought themselves the grid.
and jumped off.

Frozen inwards-slum wuz a fuzzy James' wuznt he silver edge

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