APG is

Recreation of a recreation (observed)

AN APG MEETING that is an apg meeting. the act of poetry and what exactly poetry is. The APG is: John Lowther, Mark Prejsnar,Zac Denton,James Sanders,Allison Rentz & Jeff Dahlgren.
@ EYEDRUM.Perspective eggtooth says: tape on the floor means walls. really?
It's in here,we go and in here we go. and then we sit down and
think for a second about ourselves and who we are. within this realm
is an idea . what is real? the other real,is the one where we all are one and there's no space for translation. what? a relief? what would happen to expression? and art?
and. like the other (one reality) immediately surrounding it,it is subjective. and within this subjectivity isa place where we create. a place where art is designated. and it comes to life,these creations. this thing we did,was a recreation. a reenactment. a group of people with a sense of self brought with it,an attempt to consciously project that. and then we addressd that. we pointed the camera at that. we defined a fourth wall and once it was crossed there was no going back. we create from there and from there forward every breath we draw is a test. it reflects a new reality.
and more often than not, nobody gives a care.
but sometimes we share,and with those other shar(ers),we find love (and sanctimony). even within myself,from those that care..in their own ways, i find my own hypocriscy. my hurt.
with tape on the floor. this time, why not tape around the whole building. or tape around my house.or my city,in which to mark off our area,my area. i stepped inside the tape,through the wall and sat down.
(i want to mark off tape around the internet.)
faith in others,and the will to support another. or support yourself. we share. we talk and create. it is words on the air. words on the air
I entered eyedrum last night and the air was half shadows and an installation in process.nobody was there and i had my camera,as you can see. strange creatured beaks and faux bags with what written on them, watch out,the gravel is loose. dont step on it. i almost did. allison did and john yelled at her. the pink dog and the things with people hidden in their mouths. the paintings are not paintings. they are giclee or digital prints.
i was taking pictures and in the back, the house was there and i dont know who i am right now.this is eyedrum and i havent been here in some time. ive been away.
I've been being.... real. the real jeff dahlgren. the real eggtooth is you.. the place to walk around in ,this gallery,had an idea. that had other ideas observing it. and they all came together. so i ended up having to be real.
and i ended up leaving.
Part eleven: The Intrusion.
I found the intrusion to be strange on many levels. in the real, i found this person without care or concern for art taking place. to say he could not resist,that he felt "like he had shown up to schoool in his underwear" was a lie,it was self indulgent. a need to claim his own importance in a scenario that was not his to do so. this was interesting in itself,and would have continued to be interesting,only problem was,this particular person had no sense of taste. that was what was real.it was observable from a new fourth wall created. it established a perspective that said, "i do not respect this". it angered me.it angered jeff and he walked through his own walls of lies.
The kitchen was a place to go and confuse things. were it not for this i have to wonder. The couch was nice.the photographer,Karen Tauches, it was nice of her to photograph the camera.It should have floated and turned on her and photographed her. Jlo's girlfriend lurked in the shadows observing. Was she there? Satchel showed up and eggtooh saw him when they were both in outerspace and he sent him a message,saying that the house was in there. he did not tell him it wasinvaded. invaders in an invading land. i tired. as my reality right now tires of this.
The gallery had a show set up that i did not understand. it was not complete,as the walls to the house were not complete. and i walked through them in my own incompleteness.
Where did i walk off to? would it have been on the driveway beside the house,to possibly be observed by a girl washing dishes in her house?
who is this guy in the shadows? What was this art in the shadows? with people hiding in mouths, attached to paintings that were not paintings.
I heard allison rentz utilize effects on her voice with words. and wondered about this. the words were paranoid and reverberated and i realized my heart was pounding in my chest. i closed my eyes. Eggtooth said he was Jeff. he wanted to leave this house. so he did. It was an APG meeting that was crashed and we were all not in the same place. Strange lost souls wandereD in and i wondered if they would understand how eggtooth reacted. I ended up mising John and Mark's readings.
What if all of it is real? can i do nothing? It was not my house. But i was myself. so i chose to behave accordingly.
We discussed things. Much of it tuned in and tuned out with the ebb and flow of my head. all of it was one word. one big poem. i listened for the poem and i saw everything in front of me happening. and i was there,i guess. i had reactions to some of the things i said and in fact reacted to things myself. zac denton made poetry from words,as did james. i enjoyed them both and i enjoyed this recreation of the house. it was just as climitized as the real thing. where is this place i go to. and from?i wondered about how i reacted as i drove home. was i still inside the tape? am i still inside the tape right now?
i don't know anymore.

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