Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 32

with kitten kountry ovened colored to a bee buzz 

a kitten does buzz to bee colored rugs on preheat
laundromat has new psych rinse cycles

as whirs of deck cards like deck chairs on child's bike
on mental windows. Rafts force fingers, almost as if

see thru your see thru sinking plan
too about eyebrain; then they whisper:

nobody talks about you
anyone else velvet here? no.
it just goes to show that it goes without show
traced as you might interimagine: that its outlined clearly for
all to see
out lessed and in mored

but really really out less, and in in yr head more
things keep glistening in brackets

moments that add up to

look, déconfit man: it's all a commodity.
that celluloid of tornadoes is my wrack, folded

(whatever that means.)
from back in a stinging brought from Nashville. why nashville?
sticking not to habeas,but what's in the bush
but to your funhand gripping; all appears in handle. funhandles
...is that what you are saying?

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