Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 33

None Droze. Brugs. Cyan./ Oh-No-O-Mat. Psyche-N-Cheese./ As Ire.
On's Mint Chancre. Porce./ Al Eyebrau. Whey Wrench. Cheap/ Fence
Oboe. Absolutismus-A-Gram./ Velvet Reneg-A-Tron.// Said It. In A
Rim Class. Tsk, Tsk./ Chitlins On Ear. Or Lowly./ Pings Weep
Glissando. Hack/ Squats. Come Job, Hav-A-Hank./ Dead And Done.
Toulouse./ Book Confrere. Doubt Dot Tea.// Momma Do You Lack
My Ditty Celluloid R.N.A.?/ Underhanded Puddles At What You

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  1. Just Zany enuffto work.
    This poem is.
    Keep the good work up. Guysers.