etude w globs of warming

maps of mild air slick the
thought surface   friends to the profit
motionless ...
a tangle of green gets backfired overview
hemi-stitched in   and they shovel chemical ice
eyes a nattering head   the city hasn't been above
freezing since     a caged ice-man
stared to exit yet in the once pod
cloud from a river lapping   oceanic
framed by a drougth
a toll along the danger-bolder turnpike    a turn-style
it’s laminating up to where
melting Pole are ice cap or pistol flicked
out in a dinghy     scenario part way
dream singed

windstorm in effect his brother obvious
that it's indicative of his boggling or light-hearted

stainless steel     flattens,   not liable
a criminal source             make   a living
a killing,   when you use that stuff     
in yr jokey unfashion

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